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Removable Light Covers

Removable Tail and Head Light Covers

Tail Light Covers - Removable

The Tail Light Covers, Headlight Covers and Blackout Light Covers we offer at taillightscovers.com are removable. Unlike spray tint, this is a non-permanent modification.

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Light Covers are Removable:
  • Tail light covers and headlight covers are made of an adhesive backed tint film.  You can always remove them if they no longer meet your needs.
  • Blackout Light covers we offer are made from static cling film.  They can be removed and reapplied anytime!
  • Blackout tail light covers and blackout headlight covers are perfect for night time driving as they can be removed and then reapplied for safe daytime driving!
  • Unlike spray tints, you can simply peel away the film light cover for that OEM factory look.
  • Great for leased vehicles, resold vehicles or just if you are tired of the smoked look.

Watch how easy it is to apply removable Blackout Light Covers.


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